Friday, April 17, 2015


Hello world, its Vaughn again. In my previous blog I gave you an out line of what you should expect on our "Journey." So on our first stop you will learn what inspires me.
 Some people say that "you can find inspiration around every corner." Technically that is right, but i did not have to look far for my inspiration. The one, and only one that I can thank for my talents is my mom. The reason she was my inspiration is because she started it all. i grew up in a musical house hold,with my mom being in her singing group called "Legato." Led by the one and only Antonia Wilson, the sang all around the world. the recently released their latest CD three weeks ago. Legato gave me the musical inclination that I have and am enhancing everyday. I would travel all over the world with them. We went to the Bahamas, Egypt, Europe, etc. That is the best thing that could happen for me. Being exposed to different music from different comers of the world is the best foundation an artist could have. There is not an artist in the world that has found a way to combine all the world music in to one song. If it weren't for my mom I would just be another kid. I wouldn't be unique in any way. She formed and is still forming who i am today, and i couldn't thank her enough.
My inspiration for my music came from almost all over the world, but started in my own house hold.

Thats all for now, so put your seat belts back on and hold on tight. See you next time, Good-Bye.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog story, i like how you talked about your mom and how your love of music started from her!

  2. Wow, so nice being able to travel the world.

  3. This is really cool Vaughn. All of your inspirations are quite inspirational HAHAHA! Lol, okay, I enjoyed reading this. See ya next week